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  1. The Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage, also known as Shikoku Henro, is one of the oldest pilgrimages in the world. This Buddhist pilgrimage follows almost the entire circumference of the island, spanning nearly 1200km and visiting 88 temples (even more if you include Bangai temples)
  2. The henro-michi route passes through the countryside and a number of cities. The Shikoku Pilgrimage (四国遍路, Shikoku Henro) or Shikoku Junrei (四国巡礼) is a multi-site pilgrimage of 88 temples associated with the Buddhist monk Kūkai (Kōbō Daishi) on the island of Shikoku, Japan
  3. It is the short name that the Japanese give to the Shikoku pilgrimage (the great island in front of Hiroshima). The main route is composed of 88 temples. Hachiju hachi kasho (八八ヶ所) in Japanese means 88 places. Indeed it is a spiritual (and for Buddhists) trip, linking 88 main temples of Shikoku Island to the
  4. What is the Shikoku pilgrimage? The Shikoku pilgrimage route (or Shikoku Henro) is one of the few circular-shaped pilgrimages in the world. It includes 88 'official' temples and numerous other sacred sites where the Buddhist priest Kūkai (Kōbō Daishi) is believed to have trained or have spent time during the 9th Century
  5. Shikoku Henro : Glossary - Henro Trail Shikoku Hachijūhachikasho Meguri (The tour of the 88 temples of Shikoku) </ strong> If you are interested in the sacred sites of the Shikoku pilgrimage, there are a number of Japanese terms you need to know. To allow you to browse this site, and for a better knowledge of the Japanese terms used on the

An organization called O-Henro House Shikoku 88 Project, or Henro Housein short, has recently started a project of converting older, unused building into inexpensive lodging for walking henro. As of now (July 2017) they have 20 lodges in operation Michi no eki (literally, trail stations) are marked on the maps if you are carrying the Shikoku Henro Hitori Aruki Dogyo Ninin(as you should be!). If reading kanji is an issue, see my translation of the legend of the latest version of this guidebook on the Preparation/Reading Japanese Maps page

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What is the Shikoku pilgrimage? The Shikoku pilgrimage route (also called O-Shikoku) is one of the few circular-shaped pilgrimages in the world. It includes 88 'official' temples and numerous other sacred sites where Ku-kai (Ko-bo- Daishi) is believed to have trained or have spent time during the 9th Century by Shikoku Henro Trail on Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:15 am. 1) I can't answer this part of your question so will leave it for others to hopefully offer some advice. 2) On the Planning/When to go page of the website i quote a woman who used to live in Tokushima and who thought that February was one of the best months to walk the trail Tsuyado. (Shikoku Henro Trail says it's no longer available.) Temple #58: 仙遊寺通夜堂 温泉あり 朝のお勤め Tsuyado (with shower, onsen and laundry). #59 ~ #60: 伊予桜井駅 JR Iyo-Sakurai Station. 道の駅今治Huts at Michi-no-eki Imabari (Onsen nearby). 光明寺通夜堂(三芳日切大師向い

The departure is in the city of Naruto, famous for its whirlpools, born from the meeting of the Pacific Ocean with the Seto Sea (Setonaikai). This first part of the pilgrimage is about 153 kilometers long and is called the path of enlightenment. The first 10 temples are concentrated on 27 kilometers only If you spend some time on Shikoku, even if you don't do the Shikoku Pilgrimage, you are likely to encounter tiny signs, usually white, with a small red Ohenro-san pilgrim on them. Their purpose is to help pilgrims find their way to the next temple, and indicate the henro trail. A little while ago, I saw a quite surprising one Shikoku O-Henro Trail Description Walking Shikoku Association(WSA) was founded in July 2012 to promote the nature and walking trails of Shikoku, as well as the island's history and culture. WSA also emphasizes living together with and conserving nature

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube About an hour's drive south of Tokushima train station in the village of Aratano is Temple no. 22 of the Shikoku pilgrimage route, Byōdō-ji - the temple of equality. If you stop at the main gate, the Daishi hall (Daishidō) is in front of you on your left, the temple office and other buildings are on your right, and the main hall (hondō) is located at the top of many stairs in front of you Pilgrimage Trail in Shikoku - View. Origin: Miyata, Bishop Taisen. A Henro Pilgrimage Guide To The 88 Temples Of Shikoku, Island Japan. Los Angeles: Koyasan Buddhist Temple, 2004. (p. 13) Misc. Image from the Reijiki - View. Image Origin: Shikoku Hachi Jyū Hachi Kasho Henro Bunka to Bijyutsuten 四国八十八ヶ所遍路文化と美術展

Traditionally, henro wear white robes, a colored scarf, and a conical straw hat while carrying a walking stick. These are available to purchase in stores around Shikoku, but are most commonly found near the start of the trail. Not all henro wear the traditional dress, so this is optional. Visit Matsuyam Tourism Shikoku is a general information website that introduces travel and tourism in the Tokushima, Kagawa, Ehime, and Kochi Prefectures. You can use this website when traveling around Shikoku for information on travel guides, transportation

四国遍路 Shikoku Henro PART ONE 発心 Awakening is the first episode of a 4 part documentary about the island of shikoku and its 88 temple pilgrimage. I began my jo.. by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:40 am. Originally posted by several members in March 2017.-----kotoko « Thread started on: Mar 25th, 2017, 07:51am » Just a tentative FYI (March 25, 2017) I happened to tune into the local news while flipping channels and it seems that a building at Dogakuji caught fire today Having published a daily journal while on the trail, I have now collated 100 of my favourite images into a book which hopefully captures some of the essence of what makes Shikoku so special—and possibly inspires you to take a pilgrimage of your own!. The 92-page book is printed on premium quality paper (25×20 cm) with a hint of gloss. The price is £35, excluding postage, and it is. On Saturday we walked the hardest part of the henro, 20kms thru 1400m, beginning at 7am. A challenging and wonderful walk, we stopped each 30 minutes to have water or a snack or on one occasion our reading for the day that one small step is tremendously large. My spirit soars with the hawks

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by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:25 am. Originally posted by several members in June 2017.-----Janet « Thread started on: Jun 20th, 2017, 10:06am by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:38 am. Originally posted by several members in 2011 and 2012.-----E « Thread started on: May 19th, 2011, 01:17am » One day I was walking with a young japanese man who was the most disoriented person I had ever met

by Shikoku Henro Trail on Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:06 am. Originally posted by several members in September 2017.-----arjwilson « Thread started on: Sep 13th, 2017, 4:07pm » Hi - I'm intending to buy a hakui and wear it during my walk (starting Oct. 5) but wonder if the thing is actually comfortable when worn with a pack and walking all day long Most aruki-henro (walking pilgrims) are on tight, albeit self-imposed, schedules, and must hustle from one temple to the next in order to collect the calligraphy stamp for their nokyouchou But, that does not mean you should skip this book if you are researching the Shikoku Ohenro trail


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HI, good to find your blog. I walked part of the henro trail as part of an improvised 30-day walk through Shikoku in 2008. I'm finally getting around to blogging about it pretty soon & without my journals (they're in America, I'm in Brisbane - long story) was having a hard time matching pictures to temples Here's a rough translation of two very useful lists I found floating around the henro trail. Shikoku 88 Temples (Directions to Zenkonyado, Tsuyado, Camping places etc) Shikoku 88 Temples Catalog of Free Lodging for Walking Henro, Sept 2008 edition The best lists are usually photocopied, scribbled on, creased and tattered. These are the ones The Shikoku Henro is a ~1200 year old Buddhist pilgrimage on the island of Shikoku in Japan. The route circumnavigates Shikoku and visits 88 temples associated with a monk named Kukai (also known as Kobo-Daishi). When I was walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain in spring 2017, I met a Japanese man named Keizo-san, who lives on Shikoku I'd armed myself with Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide, the definitive English-language guide. Few English speakers on the Trail. Henro saying sutras at Daishi-do, Daiho-ji 44. The book provides detailed maps, topographic information, bus routes, as well as information on temple etiquette, dress, and history The fourth-largest of Japan's islands, Shikoku is home to the 88 Temple Pilgrimage Trail. Fascinating aspects of this deeply spiritual route include how little is known of its origins, and its mysterious connection with Kobo Daishi, founder of Shingon Buddhism

Shikoku, the smallest of Japan's four main islands, is one of tranquility and beautiful, natural surroundings and home to the fascinating Pilgrimage Temple Trail. This relaxed walk takes you off the beaten path, through rural villages and forests, offering a window to traditional Japan while being so incredibly welcomed by the locals It's a Japanese Camino de Santiago undertaken in whole or in part by thousands of pilgrims (known as henro) each year. Shikoku provides the finest of backdrops for the pilgrimage. The island is the epitome of the old Japan, the off-the-beaten-path Japan—a Japan that has in many ways been lost beneath the bustle of its ultra-modern cities like Tokyo, hundreds of.

Walking the Shikoku Pilgrimage Trail is one of the most spiritual experiences it is possible to have on two feet. The full pilgrimage trail is 750miles and takes 30-60 days of walking, however, we are aware that this is not possible for most people, so we have created two trips that focus on the best parts of the route Deciding what gear and clothing to take on the Shikoku Henro can be rather daunting, and might require a bit of research. The listing here focuses purely on walking, and my opinion on each item. I opted to travel as light as possible, trying to keep my total weight to under 15 kilograms The trail itself is very well marked by the ubiquitous red arrows and other markers that populate the trail. The necessary 88 Route Guide, published by Buyodo, is the only guidebook written in English and contains all the information and maps you will need to walk some or all of the pilgrimage Shikoku Ohenro Pilgrimage Tour | Anabuki-travel Japan Ohenro is the term for the Buddhist pilgrimage around the island of Shikoku, Japan Shikoku is best known for its 88 temples associated with Kukai, posthumously known as Kobo Daishi (774-835). Men and women of all ages have walked the pilgrimage trail for over 1,200 years. To atone for their sins or to pray for good health and success, pilgrims clad in white embark on a journey on foot around Shikoku Island

The Shikoku Pilgrimage, which has 88 designated temples, also has 20 bekkaku. After researching this page in Japanese, I found an excellent English resource (which was right in front of me the whole time) on Dave Turkington's excellent Shikoku Henro Trail site. He divides them between the four prefectures: Tokushima: bangais 1-4; Kochi: bangai 88navi: A pilgrimage trail to 88 temples in Shikoku, Japan, on foot and using public transpor Zenkonyado. Along the henro trail near the Nishibun Station in Geisei Village. You must call ahead. Manager: Hagimori-san. 080-1995-4375. Between Temples 27 and 28: Henro hut in Kōgami section of Kōnan City. Water and blanket. Temple 29: Nishioka zenkonyado. Just before Temple 29; about 3 km after crossing Monobe River. 0888-63-3715. ¥¥300

Giaan Rooney treks the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail in Wakayama prefecture, Japan, filled with ancient shrines, temples, breathtaking nature, and traditional.. I am considering doing the Shikoku henro in August, 2 weeks, as an aternative on a sudden cancellation in another destination. I know that weather in August is hot and humid but still is it realistic to do the trail in that weather? assuming is not busy season, will it be ok not to plan accomodation and just decide as I walk on the day There must be something in the air or water in Shikoku which makes people so kind! In order to make it to our meeting point at a reasonable hour, I woke at 5am this morning and hit the trail by 6am. The day ahead would involve climbing two relatively steep mountains and then a final smaller one before reaching Byōdō-ji (平等寺 - 22) Shikoku Henro Budget / Free Lodging Guide (English & Japanese)|Found in Shikoku . The Shikoku Pilgrimage is very safe, and the positive reviews, numerous solo female walkers that I encountered are a testament to that. Shikoku Henro Trail Website (2014) Henro2009 Blog (by Grace) (2009

Shikoku Pilgrimage Trail Walking the Shikoku Pilgrimage Trail is one of the most spiritual experiences you can have on two feet. The full pilgrimage trail is actually over 750 miles and takes 30-60 days of walking, however, we have created two trips that focus on the best parts of the route Shikoku Henro Posts: Intro, Stats, & Daily Recap | Reflections, Suggestions, & Resources This is the second (and final) post of my experience on the Shikoku Henro in Japan in the spring of 2018. The first post covered stats and a daily summary and photos over the 26 days of walking and cycling. This post covers some personal reflections and suggestions/resources for people planning to do the. Can Only Henro Walk the Shikoku Pilgrimage? Walking the Shikoku pilgrimage is technically a religious ritual, one done by o-henro-san (often abbreviated simply to henro), who are generally adherents to the esoteric Buddhism popularized by Kukai. (Incidentally, many henro visit Mt. Koya prior to completing the Shikoku trail.). Of course, many ordinary hikers walk portions of the. Henro, or Japanese Buddhist pilgrims, making their way along the sacred trails of Koya-san. Though the most famous trail in Japan is around Shikoku Island's 88 temples, Koya-san is considered to be the final destination of the pilgrimage, even though it is not in Shikoku

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The Shikoku Henro, Shikoku's 1200-year-old 88 temple pilgrimage, has for generations, been cherished by those who live along its route. The Henro remains deeply entwined with the island's unique culture of o-settai, the charitable tradition of offering aid to support pilgrims from all over the world Hike the 1,200 year old Shikoku pilgrimage trail of 88 temples The Shikoku Pilgrimage is a travel to 88 temples associated with the Buddhist monk Kūkai on the island of Shikoku, Japan. With a long history of over 1,200 years, large numbers of pilgrims (known as henro ) still undertake the journey for a variety of ascetic, pious, and tourism-related purposes The Chugoku Nature Trail spans about 1,370 miles through the Chugoku region in the western part of Japan's main island. In addition to views of mountain forests and stunning lakes, the trail also leads to awe-inspiring places of worship such as the famous Shinto shrine Izumo Taisha and the Buddhist Ichibata Temple

My Japan Pilgrimage – I | bobfoulkesadventuresShikoku pilgrimage temples maps - Henro TrailJapanAn update and photos from Shikoku | In the Land of Saints

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shikoku henro: The Shikoku Pilgrimage: 四国八十八ヶ所: shikoku hachijūhachi kasho: Hachijūhachi means 88, and kasho means places. This is a more formal name referring to the Shikoku Pilgrimage. An even more formal term is 四国霊場八十八ヶ所 (shikoku reijyo hachijūhachi kasho). 順打ち: jun uch If you are going to walk the Shikoku Henro Trail (the Pilgrimage to the 88 Buddhist Temples), free or very cheap lodging is available; a tent (suitable to concrete surfaces) and a sleeping bag are, of course, required - Henro Goya (遍路小屋・へんろ小屋) = Henro rest huts. Tettoia di riparo appositamente costruite per i pellegrini in cammino. Ecco una lista con la mappa (in giapponese): ヘンロ小屋の案内. - Daishido (大師堂) = Piccoli Shrine (shinto shrine). Visitati solo quelli in lista This list was originally posted on the Shikoku Henro Trail forum by myself. Due to physical limitations on my part (back injuries), I decided to keep my backpack light by not bringing camping equipment with me. As a result, I always staid in paid lodgings - hostels/guesthouses, minshuku, ryokan, business hotels, and hotels hello, I did round the shikoku island by cycle sticking to the small coast roads; 1) the romantic documentary or books about the shikoku pilgrimage you're full off are deceiptives: forget the beautifull walk through ages old roads in beautifull landscapes: most of the pilgrims road today is along heavilly traffic run road with a lot of pollution and nois

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The Obstacle is the Way I remember happening upon an octagonal wooden Henro hut one night, somewhere between temples 38 and 39. This particular hut has the look, and porousness, of a near-toppled Jenga tower. The huts are sprinkled sporadically along the route, constructed in all different shapes and sizes We are traveling the Shikoku Pilgrimage, following the signs for henro (pilgrims), on a 1,200-kilometer circuit that runs between 88 temples on the island of Shikoku. It honors the founder of. 39 days, 1200km on foot. The story of my quest to Japan's Shikoku Henro trail

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Journal of a Shikoku Pilgrim Henro. Prologue: Looking up into a sodium-lit sky. About the Shikoku pilgrimage. The Shikoku pilgrimage is Japan's oldest and most famous pilgrimage route. You may hear it referred to by a few other names. Shikoku henro 四国遍路. OHenro-san お遍路さん. The 88 temple pilgrimage 八十八ヶ所巡り For hundreds of years, a 750-mile pilgrimage route has circled this mountainous island, connecting 88 separate temples and shrines that claim connection to Daishi, also known as the Great Master... Henro is the pilgrimage trail in Shikoku to the 88 sacred temples where the Buddhist priest Kukai is believed to have trained and spent time in the 9th Century. Whether your motives on the pilgrimage are to reflect on oneself, relaxation, fitness or a need to connect with nature, walking the Henro trail is believed to change you for the better Day 22: Shikoku-no-michi Trail 21st May 2016 Somewhat confusingly, as well as the henro pilgrim trail, there is also another called the Shikoku-no-michi route around the island. Both are shown in the English guide book and often overlap A Henro (pilgrim) rest provides a great place to sleep. Very little English is spoken in Shikoku but everyone will help you—just bow a lot and be very polite. I felt that crime was just about non-existent as people left cars with purses in full view and a fellow hiker would leave his rucksack sitting in a park for hours while he dined in a faraway restaurant

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Shikoku, along the route spiritual temples serve as rites of passage. The Shikoku pilgrimage . 2 combines, on the one hand, natures abundance and bright, clear climate, with, on the other hand, a place to calmly face the sad fact of the ephemerality of life Find the perfect shikoku pilgrimage trail stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now Find the perfect shikoku trail stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now

Find the perfect shikoku henro stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now I think the idea of doing an ohenro in parts in Shikoku is a nice one; you may also consider doing the Kumano trail as an alternative. Consider them as a part of your leisurely but somewhat sportive cultural tourism in regional Japan, with hot springs, regional delicacy, and a nice long hike in the hills

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El Camino de Shikoku o 'Shikoku-Henro' es un camino de peregrinación espectacular, con un trazado de mil doscientos kilómetros que atraviesa las prefecturas de Tokushima, Kochi, Ehime y Kagawa (Shikoku, Japón), conectando los 88 templos vinculados a la figura del monje Kobo Daishi. Kobo Daishi Kukai / Kobo Daish   henro The following information is based on a very nice Japanese only website detailing all henro huts in each of the prefectures. They have been built through volunteer and local community efforts and provide a welcome place to sit rest and in many cases a place to stay

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The shikoku pilgrimage (四国遍路 Shikoku henro) is a pilgrimage around 88 temples on Shikoku island on the path of Kobo Daishi (Kukai) click here to locate Shikoku island on google map The pilgrims usually wear a specific clothing to do the pilgrimage May 19, 2016 - Explore alidee7's board Shikoku Pilgrimage, followed by 292 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Shikoku, Pilgrimage, Japan

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四国の公式観光サイト。道後温泉や栗林公園、四万十川、鳴門の渦潮などの人気スポットランキングやおすすめモデルコース、グルメ、イベントなど観光・旅行に役立つ情報が満載 Shikoku is one of the four main islands of Japan but is relatively less touristy and more inaka or rural than Honshu. We planned to spend about six days walking the first part of the Henro, a buddhist pilgrimage that includes 88 main temples and covers some 1300 km Pilgrimage to Shikoku へんろみち - Henro Michi: Journey to the 88 Temples . A few years ago I decided to walk the 88 Temple Pilgrim Trail on Japan's island of Shikoku. My intention of undertaking this pilgrimage was not due to any particular religious calling nor even a desire to ask for a particular boon or even to atone for sins committed - reasons which I am told are the. This was our final day on the Shikoku Pilgrimage. We took the train to the end of the Kotoden Nagao line, and walked about five minutes to Nagaoji. Nagaoji has a wide and spacious feeling to its temple courtyard, and a beautiful roof line on its main hall. Since we were coming to the end of our journey, I did a full set of prayers and chanting

This was one of my favorite days on the henro trail. We got up in the morning, left our lovely wi-fi'd Kochi hotel for the final time, and caught a bus to Usa. After the previous day's hell of looking for and still not gettting quite the right bus, I made a firm effort to know which bus, what color it was (orange), which platform — the whole thing Japan (October 2018): Hiwasa, Mugi, and Wakimachi. Back to main Japan 2018 page . Hiwasa and Mugi are two small coastal towns south of Tokushima on the eastern side of Shikoku. Both are pretty laid-back fishing ports offering nice walking trails along the coast. But the main reason for going there is to visit Yakuo-ji (Temple #23 of the Shikoku Henro), located in Hiwasa The Shikoku Henro is perhaps one of the most famous pilgrimages in all of Japan. It is a trail that extends roughly 1200 km, passing through 88 Buddhist temples on the Japanese island of Shikoku. If you include the additional 20 so-called bangai or outside temples, then the whole trail is closer to 1400 km Il cammino degli ottantotto templi o Henro No Michi è un pellegrinaggio lungo il quale si possono visitare 88 templi e numerosi altri siti sacri sull'isola di Shikoku, è un viaggio che permette di entrare in contatto con una cultura che non ha eguali nel mondo: il buddhismo shingon (dove shingon sta per parola vera). Questa religione è stata importata in Giappone dalla Cina nei. Answered: I am considering doing the Shikoku henro in August, 2 weeks, as an aternative on a sudden cancellation in another destination. I know that weather in August is hot and humid but still is it realistic to do the trail in that weather? assuming is not..

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